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Adamley’s commitment to the environment.

For years Adamley has been investing into research and development for a more environmentally sustainable industry, constantly producing solid and tangible results.

Energy saving in printing

The company has focused, in particular, on improving energy saving. Firstly, by investing significant funds into the boiler house: the steam system within the factory is now regulated by a highly efficient burner, leading to a 12% reduction of fuel usage.

Secondly, by re-insulating the print shop roof, the largest department on site, improving the quality of the environment for screen printers and reducing the internal heat loss by 35%.

water printing
digital silk printing

Reducing fabric waste

Adamley is also committed to reducing the amount of fabric waste arising from production, by re-using damaged cloth for internal processes and testing, and by purchasing spun silk twill, a quality often discarded by other manufacturers.

Current projects include the limitation of the impact of chemicals on the environment and the reduction of the carbon footprint created through silk production.