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Silk Screen Printing

At Adamley Textiles, the UK’s leading traditional English silk printer

Screen printed silk

Adamley Textiles are one of the UK’s leading silk printers.

Traditional screen printing on silk fabric is ingrained in Adamley’s heritage. We’ve been producing luxury printed fabrics for over 50 years, and have printed over 4,000,000m during that time.

Utilising local water sources from the Peak District, all of our custom screen printing is fulfilled in-house. Our printing room is equipped with 6 dedicated screen printing tables, operated by a team of highly skilled experts who can perfectly produce designs with exquisite accuracy.

screen printing process
screen printing dye

Bespoke silk printing at Adamley

Our screen printing services are tailored to meet the needs of any order. We specialise in producing the most beautiful custom printed silks for men’s and ladies high-end accessories including scarves, neckties and pocket squares.

Our exclusive print archive offers thousands of vintage designs for inspiration, including the most iconic David Evans prints, all of which can be redrawn into modern interpretations. 

By producing our own dyes in-house, we guarantee to match your bespoke colour palettes and offer the most beautiful hand-rolled hemming service for any custom-made products.

How we screen print on silk

Screen printing on silk is a slow and meticulous process which involves hand printing colours, layer by layer, screen after screen. It’s one that requires great precision to yield the most elegant, vibrant results.

We have the capabilities to screen print any artwork, and are well-equipped with the tools needed to replicate the most complex of designs. Each layer of the design is first engraved onto high precision mesh, to create individual screens to be used in the printing process.

Using our own in-house produced colours and dyes, designs are then printed by hand on to each length of fabric. Once printed, the colours are then cured through steaming, and the fabric is then finished to soften the fibres to achieve the most premium product.

screen printed silk process

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